Dear Valued Client,

We have the pleasure of offering you our new services: Managing your investment on your behalf without the headache.

1. What does Rental Management mean?

Limestone will manage the day-to-day aspects of your rental property removing the hassle. That is collecting the rental; dealing with maintenance queries; liaising with body corporate and; according to your requirements, pay levies and pay utilities on your behalf before paying the balance of the rental to you.

2. Why should I let Limestone manage my property?

We are a professional company and specialize in rentals and sales and have a long track record of 10 years with many owners. We are also able to deliver a personalized service with our dedicated team and sophisticated management system.

3. When will I receive my rental payment?

The rental is due on or before the 1st day of the month. As soon as the rental has been collected in our account we make payments to you, after payment of levies, fees etcetera.

4. What deductions are made from the rental that my tenant pays, before I am paid?

We deduct Body Corporate payments, our management fee, approved maintenance amounts (if applicable) and other payments required by landlord.

5. What is Limestone's monthly fee structure?

The fees are exclusive of VAT, as follows:

Rentals up to R3,500 R280
Rentals between R3,501 - R7,500R380
Rentals between R7,501 - R10,000 R500
Rentals between R10,001 - R15,000 R650
Rentals from R15,001 R850
Minimum monthly fee is R280
Maximum monthly fee is R850

We only receive our fee once the tenant has paid the rent, if no rental no fee is deducted, even if we have worked on it for months dealing with the day-to-day problems. We don't charge a fee for additional collections i.e. maintenance etcetera.

6. What happens if a tenant doesn't pay and refuses to move out of my premises?

We are strict with our tenant profiles and credit checks with Tenant Profile Network, employer and previous landlord, so all measures are taken to ensure that a good tenant is placed, although we are well aware that situations change more often than not in today's times. When situations arise we send final demands and a notice to vacate. We communicate with the tenant and keep you informed of the situation. We also list the tenant on TPN (Tenant Profile Network). When the correct tenants are selected upfront, the risk of bad tenants are dramatically reduced. Should the Tenant refuse to vacate and does not pay, you will be advised to seek assistance from an Eviction Attorney

7. What is the procedure when the rental payment is late?

We firstly send an sms and then call the tenant about late payment. If the tenant is difficult to reach or makes an arrangement to pay and doesn't fulfill the promise we send a letter of demand, and then load on TPN if still no payment is received.

8. What are the procedures in maintenance if something goes wrong?

Our maintenance department follows up on issues reported by tenants, assess the situation, obtain quotes for repairs, get approval for repairs from the owner and then follow up to ensure that the work is done satisfactorily before the contractor is paid. We have contractors that deal with emergencies when called on, and an after-hours emergency service. It is in the owners' best interest to keep his investment in a good order. The tenant is responsible for damage they cause and the owner is responsible for fair 'wear and tear' items.

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